Rather than being an art convention, we bring you a cultural collaborative art experiment that hopes to affect the way people interact with nature on a daily basis by addressing the aesthetic beauty around them and representing it through their art. An intense, exciting combination of art workshops, activities, live art and music will take you through an experience of a life time.

Participants will be able to interact with the Sr. Artists & with each other on a number of levels, in a natural environment that seeks to create discursive opportunities, promote the exchanging of ideas, and inspire them to access, engage & create art on a higher level.


Here’s everything you need to know for rolling in the show!


Art+Weekend 2018 is going to be the most fun and unique art festival. It’s going to be an artistic experience, in one of the most beautiful venues nature can offer.

And you know what to expect: innovative installations, cutting edge visual and experimental art, diverse musical content, starry nights and amazing food.

Festival dates to be out soon!


We are scouting for a new location.

Stay tuned and we are going to reveal another amazing venue for Art+Weekend 2018.

Learn. Explore. Create.


Ticket Info:

Art+Weekend 2017 is now over

and the ticket link has expired.

Tickets to Art+Weekend 2018

will be out soon.